Privacy Policy

EXTRA Points is provided by Pinpoint India Pvt.Ltd. ("Pinpoint India" or "the Company") and is operated by Pinpoint India.

At Pinpoint India, we recognise the importance of protecting your personal information and using this information responsibly. We are committed to safeguarding and maintaining the privacy, accuracy and security of all personal information that we collect. We will therefore ensure that all the information we collect, use, store and dispose off will comply with all applicable legal requirements.

How we collect customer information?

We only collect information relevant to the operation and promotion of EXTRA Points. The information we collect may include contact details, personal details, and transaction information (collectively, "personal information") required for the processing of EXTRA Points, fulfilment of Rewards and for marketing purposes. It is the responsibility of all Pinpoint India staff to protect personal information and privacy at all times.

How we use customer information?

We may use the personal information that we collect to communicate details pertaining to the EXTRA programme launched by HSBC in association with Pinpoint India Pvt Ltd, including marketing of offers from participating EXTRA partners to customers. However, customers can notify us at any time if they do not wish to receive these offers and we will refrain from making any further communication with such customers. We will always act promptly on any such request which can be made by calling us on the TOLL FREE number 1800 209 5141 (Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm Indian Standard Time), or email us at

Who will use the information?

We will not share, sell, rent or trade any personal information to anyone outside our Company. Only employees of our Company and those who perform services on our behalf, and are authorised to handle customer information, and are trained in the proper handling of customer information will have access to personal information. Where contractors or business partners perform services on our behalf, we will ensure that information is managed in a manner consistent with this Privacy Policy. Additionally, we may be required from time to time to disclose personal information to Governmental or judicial bodies or agencies or applicable regulatory bodies and we undertake to only do so upon adequate authority to the extent permitted by law.

Information is secure

We use current techniques and processes which meet industry standards to ensure that all personal information is kept secure and confidential. Sensitive information, such as credit/ debit card details, are automatically encrypted to ensure that security and confidentiality of such information is protected. We will not retain any personal information for any longer than is required by us, except to fulfil our legal obligations. We will, with our customers' assistance, keep personal information accurate, complete and up to date.

Customers have access to information

Our Customers can access their personal information and request corrections. This can be requested by contacting us on the TOLL FREE number 1800 209 5141 (Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm Indian Standard Time). This service is free unless the information requested requires significant research or preparation time. Before we act upon requests of this nature, we will inform the customer how much this service will cost.

Customers can update Information

We are committed to the protection of our customers' privacy, and our policies, processes and systems have been developed with this intent. If a customer thinks we have not lived up to our commitment, we invite them to phone us on the TOLL FREE number 1800 209 5141 (Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm Indian Standard Time), or email us at

Changes to this Policy

Changes may be required to this Policy from time to time. Any amendments to this Policy will be notified on our website and such amended Policy shall be available on our website at all times. Customers are advised at all points to regularly check our website for any such notification, and Pinpoint India shall not be liable for any omission by any Customer in this regard.